View Full Version : Change CD Picture?

1st August 2002, 03:44
How do I download the imdb pic? Used to be right click somewhere but can't find it.

1st August 2002, 04:03
And what's the direct link to imdb for these pictures?

1st August 2002, 13:21
In the CD Image tab you have to klick the button 'Movie Info', after this enter the movie name in to top line and hit enter. Be sure to check the box 'use cover as title picture'.

1st August 2002, 14:00

And the link to the IMDb is http://us.imdb.com or http://www.imdb.org - just in case you still need it.


2nd August 2002, 14:21
Yep I did see the Movie Info button after posting this. But it's downloading a tiny picture now :( I use these pics as CD covers so the tiny pics are useless. D2S used to download larger pics. So what I would really like to know is where inside imdb.com these pics are dwonloaded from so I can just go there with my browser and download pics. Thanks

2nd August 2002, 14:45

Yes, I also find the pics from imdb too small. What I do is go to the Amazon.com DVD section and find the same pic, click on it and save that one as my change pic. It fills the screen nicely-in fact it's slightly too large, and a few pixels get cut from the top and bottom, but still better than those from imdb. They should be fine for your CD cover also.

2nd August 2002, 15:10
Strange, I just tried "About a boy" and DVD2SVCD is downloading the big picture.

2nd August 2002, 15:33
Oh yeah? Then maybe I'm doing something wrong also. When I use the pic from imdb, I get lots of black above and below the pic (after getting their big pic), but the Amazon.com pic fills the screen from top to bottom. Maybe the aspect ratio of the movie has something to do with it.

No, I don't think so-I just checked a few 2.35:1 movies, and the ones I made using the imdb pic have black above and below, while the ones I made using the Amazon.com pic fill the screen top to bottom. Oh well.

2nd August 2002, 19:27
If you're interested, rather than using imdb images, there is an exhaustive vcd cover archive at