View Full Version : Seperate language credits

28th July 2002, 05:19
I'm currently trying to back up "Mr. Holland's Opus" and I noticed that it has two angles for the opening and ending credits; one in english and one in french. How should I do this? Should I use ifoedit to strip out a particular angle and then use dvd2avi on the new vobs or should I just run dvd2avi and get the whole thing? This is the first time I've run into this and am wondering which approach I should use.

28th July 2002, 09:53
welcome to the world of multiangles.. as you may have read in the matrix thread things get really complicated with them as in the end you want to have a unified track. I haven't found a possibility to have a part of a scenarist track contain multiangles when I tried to do matrix so unless somebody solves that problem (and subsequently I should have no problem doing matrix) I suggest that you strip the angle you don't need using ifoedit and take it from there using the usual steps.. when you no longer have to worry about multiangles things should be the same as in my existing guides on the matter.