View Full Version : sound perfect but no picture .. hellllp plz

26th July 2002, 16:56
lo all. new to svcd so i hops u can help.

i simply followed the instructions to the letter. on hos to make a svcd useing dvd2svcd. everything works fine no problems reported at any stage. but when i come to write them to a cd useing either deamon tools or cdr-win the sound is there but just a black screen. no picture at all.

at the time i was using win 98se but ive just moved over to xp. should i just give it another try useing xp or can anyone help me out.
thanks if u can and thanks if u carnt at least u read it lol.

amd 1000mhz
768 meg 133 ram
70 gig 7200rpm hard drive
ge-force 3 graphics card
win xp pro

sorry also useing tmpgenc (registerd)

26th July 2002, 18:01
Hi westy,

and welcome to the forum. :)

But you gave us not enough informations to track down this bug - please read the stickys above carefully if not already done.

:logfile: (means the "dvd2svcd_log.txt")