View Full Version : Pulldown.exe can't open file

23rd July 2002, 22:07
When trying to open an mpv file created using robshot's method i get an error from pulldown stating "Unable to open file 123.mpv for reading". I followed the guide exactly and have not had this problem before. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be?

24th July 2002, 19:54
probably a DOS problem... make sure that the path is correct. after that, make sure that no other program is reading/writing/open the .m2v that you want to "pulldown"

25th July 2002, 14:00
Did you encode at 23.xxx fps? You cannot apply a pull-down to a 29.97 fps video.

25th July 2002, 20:16
okay your problem is i believe that u stated its telling u it cant open 123.mpv for pulldown..u need to just rename the file extension to 123.M2V ( in CAPS to point out change)..then just redirect DOS to the pulldown directory and make sure that the pulldown .exe and .m2v are in the same dir..thats what i do makes life alot easier :) ...
do this afterwards:

pulldown 123.m2v 123_final.m2v

you get the idea :) good luck buddy!