View Full Version : Hybrid guide for menu + main movie

23rd July 2002, 03:18
I was wondering if it was possible to use a sort of hybrid guide to create a DVD using Trilight's guide (a combo of CCE + Maestro) to do the downsizing and authoring and the IFOEdit guide to somehow, when something that has been ripped out, that option in the menu doesn't work and acts like nothing happened. Is this possible?

24th July 2002, 06:48
The reason this would be extremely difficult to do in any type of guide is because this would involve editing pre or post commands in the IFO file (and even then, I'm not sure if you could single out a specific button). These commands are never the same from DVD to DVD. The command types used differ, the PGC's involved differ. There is no way to tell someone what their particular DVD is going to do.

I've personally not had a problem. If I select anything that is no longer there, my Sony player simply does nothing anyway. You could try messing around with the commands in the IFO's but I highly reccommend you have a backup handy. You could very easily mess up the way the whole menu behaves.