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22nd July 2002, 14:34
when i try to make a graph to mux avi+ac3 in an ogg it use ac3 parser and CyberLink (powerdvd) audio decoder .... is there an other filter to do that whish is free because i am making a oggmuxer in command line and filters must be distributed with ...

( sorry for my bad english im french :) )

22nd July 2002, 14:40
AC3 parser comes with Windows (or at least win2000, as it is part of mpg2splt.ax that comes with windows)

For a free AC3 decoder you can try www.elecard.com ....

Try their:
Moonlight Odio Dekoda DirectShow® filter

in the downloads section, or you maybe able to get ac3dec.ax from elecard.com in one of there other packages as well...


22nd July 2002, 17:34
thx .... it work but .. hum ... just a little problem :

vid in : 4.5Mo
ac3in : 5.47Mo
ogm out : 26.6Mo like wave :(

22nd July 2002, 17:38
im trying the other pakages

22nd July 2002, 18:24
arf maybe oggmultiplexer filter does not support ac3 as stream ?

23rd July 2002, 08:28
Originally posted by Satirik
arf maybe oggmultiplexer filter does not support ac3 as stream ?

Not yet...

BTW, it has taken a long time to see you here Satirik :D
Would some new version of DivX Machine be under dev ?

23rd July 2002, 09:51
we never know ... :D

23rd July 2002, 10:55

24th July 2002, 14:42
Originally posted by Satirik

( sorry for my bad english im french :) )

It should have been posted in the new a/v format forum but well... Being french is not an excuse :o :D

Anyway actually there is no good way to mux ac3 into a ogg file... (as I know)