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20th July 2002, 23:15
with the new version of dvd2svcd and you take a svcd rip you already have or an avi and convert it into 5.1 audio.

20th July 2002, 23:43
Your existing SVCD rip just contains a dolby surround downmix (i.e. 2 channels with additional surround information) - no, there is no way to upconvert it to mpeg multichannel (5.1) sound in dvd2svcd.
Also, be aware that 5.1 in dvd2svcd is NOT ac3 (not possible in SVCD), but mpeg multichannel sound which is supported by a handful of dvd players and amps only.

21st July 2002, 11:38
Please chose a better topic of your post.
Also the description of your problem is not quite precise.
What kind of AVI do you have, what format is the soundstream in it...?

22nd July 2002, 00:09
Read all the sticky notes at the top of this forum, and put the knowledge you gain from them to work. Until you do that, few or none of the members here will pay attention to you.