View Full Version : What is the best way to keep just the movie and subtitles?

20th July 2002, 01:34
I'm able to pretty much backup any DVD I want now by just keeping the movie only. I strip with smartripper, and if needed use CCE to re-encode. And then I use Spruceup to re-author and burn. What is the easiest way to keep the movie, sound, and subtitles? Is this possible in spruceup, or do I need a different authoring program? Please help, thanks in advance :)

20th July 2002, 05:32
The various subtitle guides can be found HERE. (http://www.doom9.org/subtitle_guides.htm)

20th July 2002, 05:45
do you know which, if any of these work with Spruceup?

20th July 2002, 12:55
spruceup doesn't support subtitles I'm afraid. you have to get a program of a caliber like reelDVD, dvd motion pro or even better