View Full Version : What is the Zone When I Rip with DVD Decrypter?

16th July 2002, 19:14
When I Rip an entire DVD with DVD Decrypter, I assume that it is zone free, since in the settings of this software, supposedly it removes zone prohibitions and leaves the disk zone free.

I have made backups of several DVD's, but once I had a problem with BraveHeart, since it did not play on my PC DVD - ROM Drive with Power DVD XP 4. It game me an error message saying "Your Drive Does Not Support This Zone" or something like that. I even ripped again the video_ts.ifo and bup files, assuming that DVD Decrypter would remove the zone prohibitions. What is happening here? Are the DVD backups I am making really zone free or not?

Does anybody know something about this?


17th July 2002, 17:09
Ripping in file mode doesnt automatically remove region protection.
Only ISO mode does that.
Use the 'IFO' feature on the 'Tools' menu to remove region code protection from the files.

17th July 2002, 17:32
If I select the options, in DVD Decrypter, to remove the zone and patch the file so they can be multi zone, will the resulting files be multi zone or not?

I have that option selected in my DVD Decrypter Program.

17th July 2002, 19:59
There is no such option for File mode. It doesnt exist, therefore you cannot have it set.
You have to do it as described in my last post.