View Full Version : Question about BeSweet(GUI) and the Boost function

13th July 2002, 13:08
In Boost (Manual):
When setting the boost factor to 1.5 the limit factor has almost no influence on the green, i.e. the "Dg", curve. It looks about the same for limit 0.10 and limit=0.9. This doesn't seem too strange since there is no /l switch when using /b2 (=Dg). BUT: when setting /b2=1.6 (actually the change occurs between 1.5747 and 1.5748) the green curve is suddenly vanished (maybe hidden behind LigH's curve?). And IF it's hidden by another curve, why would it change shape now when changing the limit factor?
What are the mathematical equations (and their scientific derivation, maybe a link to a web page or a paper would be nice) behind the curves anyway?

- A

PS: I searched for BeSweet* AND boost but couldn't find anything that helped me with this particullar issue.