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10th July 2002, 21:46
WARNING: This is an advanced guide! Please don’t ask basic questions in relation to this guide. To include all the basics here would not only be redundant but it would require me to type and explain a LOT more than what’s already here.

What you’ll need: Everything! A brain would be particularly helpful! hehe :)

I’m not going to repeat a lot of what I’ve already said in the guide that I made about making a full copy. Most all of this is exactly the same. Also, this is a bit more advanced than simple authoring so if you don’t have the basics down yet, I highly recommend you get better before attempting this. I am going to glaze over a LOT of stuff but those that are familiar with things will know what I mean. Remember, this is an advanced guide!! Mostly what I’m concerned with in this post is letting you know what you will need to do if you want to reduce the filesize of the VTS4 set and provide some insight into multi-PGC, multi-angle CCE/Scenarist setup.

Where do I start?

Well, the first thing you will notice is that this set is over 2GB! Way too much space for an extra. I wanted more room for the movie but since the menu and the extras were so cool on this disc, I wanted to keep them all. Though I sacrificed quite a bit of quality on this extra, I did manage to cut it back to just over 1GB. That’s a LOT more room for the main movie!

After you have your files to disc, you need to use SmartRipper to select each individual angle in each PGC from VTS4. You will notice there are 7 PGC’s. The first has only one angle. Numbers 2-6 have 3 angles each and number 7 has 2 angles (with differing times no less!). You are going to extract every angle to an extra file. This will give you a total of 18 files. To keep things straight, I named mine PGC1.m2v, PGC2.1.m2v, PGC2.2.m2v, PGC2.3.m2v…etc. You will need the audio as well, but only one copy of each for each PGC (the audio is the same, regardless of the angle).

Re-encoding in CCE

Once you have all of these files, you want to re-encode them in the usual CCE manner. Make your DVD2AVI file, your AVS scripts, etc. etc. You can use whatever method you like. I knew that I wanted to really cut down on the filesize so I chose something like 1850 for the average bitrate not caring if there was any gray areas. Also, you do NOT want to have to do each of these individually! I highly recommend you import all of your AVS files into CCE, make the settings you want on the first, and then save and edit the resulting .ECL file. It takes way too long to make all these individual settings. You will see in your .ECL file what you need to copy to each section to save yourself the time.

One big difference here though is that you want to place a checkmark on “Restrict Auto I frame insertion” and “Close all GOPs”. This is necessary for the multiple angles and so Scenarist won’t bitch. While you’re in editing your .ECL file, there are some other subtle changes you will want to make. You’ll notice that at the end of each file’s settings, there is a section that reads as follows:


Check all the different files that will eventually become angles of a given PGC. Change the “encode_last” setting so that they are the same. You’ll notice that many only differ by 1. This is not quite as big of a deal but I changed them anyway. PGC 7 is the one that is off by quite a bit. I changed this so they were both the same as the smallest file in that set.

After you’ve made all of your changes to the ECL file, open it back up in CCE and you should see that it has applied all of the changes you made. I set mine to 3 pass and let it run. It will take a while.

What’s next?

Don’t forget to run pulldown on all of these files! I did not want to set and wait for each one to finish so I wrote a batch file. For those not familiar with batch files, they aren’t that scary. Just create a text file and on each line, put what you would type at the command prompt. Mine looked like this…

pulldown PGC1.mpv PGC1.m2v
pulldown PGC2.1.mpv PGC2.1.m2v
pulldown PGC2.2.mpv PGC2.2.m2v
pulldown PGC2.3.mpv PGC2.3.m2v
pulldown PGC3.1.mpv PGC3.1.m2v
pulldown PGC3.2.mpv PGC3.2.m2v
pulldown PGC3.3.mpv PGC3.3.m2v
pulldown PGC4.1.mpv PGC4.1.m2v
pulldown PGC4.2.mpv PGC4.2.m2v
pulldown PGC4.3.mpv PGC4.3.m2v
pulldown PGC5.1.mpv PGC5.1.m2v
pulldown PGC5.2.mpv PGC5.2.m2v
pulldown PGC5.3.mpv PGC5.3.m2v
pulldown PGC6.1.mpv PGC6.1.m2v
pulldown PGC6.2.mpv PGC6.2.m2v
pulldown PGC6.3.mpv PGC6.3.m2v
pulldown PGC7.1.mpv PGC7.1.m2v
pulldown PGC7.2.mpv PGC7.2.m2v

Once you’ve done this, you will want to change the file so that it has a .BAT extension. You can double-click it and it will do it’s thing and the DOS window will go away when it completes.

So what about that bitch named “Scenarist”??

Yeah, she’s like that old girlfriend you had. She always bitched, wasn’t very easy to work with, but MAN the sex was great! hehe :) Scenarist is the only app I know of right now that will allow for setting up the multiple PGC’s and multiple angles in them that we want.

Under the “Data” tab, import all of your m2v and AC3 files. Next, under the “Tracks” tab, you want to drop each of your first angles in (ie. PGC2.1.m2v) so that a different track is created for each. Next, you will edit each individual track to add your other angles. At the top, you will see a button to click on which will add another angle to the timeline. Drop your second and third angles in as appropriate. Finally, drop your AC3 audio file for that set in. Do this for all multi-angle tracks until you’re done. Now there’s one more important thing to do here or Scenarist is going to start her bitching later! Create a third angle for track 7 even though it does not have one. I just dropped PGC7.2.m2v in it as a place holder. Don’t worry about doing anything special to PGC1 as it only has one angle and Scenarist won’t bitch.

Next, you go to the “Scenario” tab to set up each PGC. You are going to drop each of your tracks onto the main VTS folder that is there. You will see that it creates a new PGC for each one of these. You do NOT have to worry about setting up any special pre or post commands or menu structure or whatever. We’re not concerned with any of that as our original IFO has all the commands we need. We’re only concerned with creating multiple PGC’s and multiple angles so they all line up as the original was.

Are we done yet??

Almost! Finally, compile your Scenarist project and you will have the resulting VOB’s that you will re-integrate into the original DVD fileset. From this point on, things are the same. Rename your VOB’s accordingly, run Jdobbs’ IFOupdate program (allow it to copy the time map but not the colors), and correct your VTS sectors. Once you’ve completed all of this, you can proceed to doing the movie. You do not have to use Scenarist for this. I used Maestro as I usually do. I kept the original audio track, the director’s commentary, and the production crew commentary. Place them in that order when you do them in Maestro. One thing that bugged me is that they didn’t quite line up right when accessed from the original menu. I had to edit the IFO such that Audio Stream 1 was 32768, Audio Stream 3 was 33024, Audio Stream 4 was 33280, and all other streams were set to 0.

13th July 2002, 03:05
I'm just bumping this in case some Scenarist users didn't get a chance to read it.

13th July 2002, 10:36
we have stickies for that ;)

15th July 2002, 22:40
If anyone is interested, I put this into HTML format with screenshots. You can find it here...


16th July 2002, 05:25
Great, thanks for the quick breakdown Trilight! I know all that information is in the CCE/IFOEdit sticky, but that thread is really becoming a monster.

One thing worth mentioning, is that you can still accomplish the same thing with ReMPEG and IFOEdit's remux. Quality isn't as good, but that's not as important in the extras anyway...plus it's a 2 step process :cool: The only real bitch, is that some of the time you get the jumpy playback after remux...and there's no way to tell when this will happen. So then your only options are to dump the extras or start over with Scenarist.

BTW, the HTML guide is great! Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

16th July 2002, 05:41
Thanks bluespot. Hopefully it makes things less cryptic for everyone.

17th July 2002, 17:20
perhaps this is the right way for my star wars episode 1 problem. thx.
I'll check back if it works.