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4th July 2002, 14:35
I have been trying to get all my movies to 1.85:1 now but having some trouble with tv-style movies (4:3 pan and scan). I converted 2.35:1 (Widescreen) with no problems with aviscript editing.

Heres what I tried with the 4:3 movie (Rose Red) but appeared to zoom movie in closer.


and in dvd2svcd, I first had 4:3 in aspect ratio on conver.tab, but came back in CCE that that size wasnt supported like 16x576 or something. So I changed aspect ratio in dvd2svcd to 16:9 added borders. Encoded but not 1.85:1. looks like 4:3 zoomed in.

Should I always have to change what aspect ratio comes up in dvd2svcd since I am changing the aspect ratio manually in avscript

One more thing - if movie is already 1.85:1, how do i keep it 1.85:1 what settings? had trouble with this too.


4th July 2002, 15:19
I don't know if I understand you correctly? How did you think you were going to change a 4:3 movie to a 1.85:1 movie. A 4:3 movie is a 4:3 movie. The only way to change that is to either stretch the movie, or cut off a part of the top and/or bottom of the movie. None of which will give you desireable results. Just keep it the way it is.

4th July 2002, 16:15
What I am trying to do is to make all the movies appear same on standalone (dvd and) tv. The widscreen movie I did according to setting posted on another worked perfectly. Quote on 4:3 conv...

"for letterboxed movies with a 4:3 aspect ratio the script should be changed as follows:

# NTSC 4:3 letterboxed

I also need some recommendations on the aspect ratio setting in dvd2svcd when doing these avs changes. I have searched and the above is the best information I have found.

Thank you

4th July 2002, 18:56
Hello lonewolf454,

as leonb already said, it's _impossible_ to make a 4:3 _fullscreen_ movie a 1.85:1 widescreen movie.

Just use your imagination, how do you think a square which is 4:3 (width:height) can become a 16:9 (1.85:1) square by maintaining the proper aspect ratio, as I said before it's impossible.

If you want to make it widescreen, you have to add those "widescreen" borders to the top and the bottom which are usually 60 lines for NTSC so you have only 480 - 2*60 = 360 lines left for your original movie so you have to resize it to 360x360 and also you have to add now borders of 60 pixels width to the left and the right to keep the correct aspect ratio and the SVCD specs which need a resolution of 480x480 for NTSC. I bet you wont look a movie which is done that way.

The example you quoted is from this thread:


But I was speaking of a 4:3 _letterboxed_ movie this is actually a 2.35:1 movie which has the black borders already encoded into it but a 4:3 fullscreen movie has not.

You know, there is no further information (besides the overscan area) hiding on the left and the right of your TV so that you can make your movie widescreen - the other way round it's possible because you just throw away information from the left and the right and then zoom in.

Please have a look on Doom9's aspect ratio guide to get a better impression:


And perhaps this explanation of anamorphic DVDs might help also:


or this:


Hope this helps,

P.S. I moved it over here, as all "how do I do this or that" questions belong to this forum.

4th July 2002, 20:35
so am i correct in stating that I can only resize 2.35:1 to 1.85:1 by use of avsscript editing.

If so, how do make sure that movies already 1.85:1 stay that ratio and movie 4:3 stay 4:3 in DVD2SVCD. I would guess by taking the default setting of aspect ratio in DVD2SVCD for the 4:3 movie but what about one that is already 1.85:1? I dont want to make it a $&*% 4:3 movie too.

Thanks Gerti.

4th July 2002, 20:53

you can only make a 16:9 2.35:1 anamorphic and a 4:3 2.35:1 letterboxed movie look like a 1.85:1 movie.

Just look at the DVD cover or consult amazon.com to check wether it is 2.35:1 or 1.85:1. If it's 2.35:1 and you want to convert it to 1.85:1 then just use the script from the Q&A (Q63).

If it's 1.85:1 or 4:3 fullscreen then just let DVD2SVCD handle the whole process - it will detect the correct settings for the aspect ratio. ;)


4th July 2002, 22:21
Thanks Gerti for the timely replies. Sorry but I have just started getting technical with dvd ripping. All I was doing for past year was ripping Smartripper>DVD2AVI>TMPGenc>VCD>DVDMovieFactory and was just unsatisfied with the results.

So with a little practice and expert advice from people like yourself I should get the hang of the SVCD thing. DVD2SVCD will always choose the correct aspect ratio for me? Should I always leave it at default when I plan on editing the AVS script such as 2.35:1 to 1.85:1?

Thanks Gerti for all the help.