View Full Version : Conversion of VR_MOVIE / DVD-RAM

2nd July 2002, 22:13
I've had all sorts of problems converting the files on a dvd-ram to ones which can be mastered as a dvd-r. In particular this effects anybody who wants to use a set-top recorder (such as the Panasonic EM20, and quite a few of the models due out soon) and then copy the files to a pc for editing. The main problem is that on a dvd-ram all of the programmes are stored in one file (VR_MOVIE.VRO) which are controlled by the VR_MOVIE.IFO file which is not the same format as a dvd-video. If you only have one programme on the disk (such as a movie) then the conversion is not too difficult. I just demux the video using 'MPEG Demultiplexor' and then use 'DVD2AVI' to separate the audio. The reason I use DVD2AVI is that the audio can have a delay and this will inform you of this in the file name. If this is the case you can use 'Besweet'to reencode the audio allowing for the delay (it will always be 2 channel if it was recorded on a set-top player) before using a dvd authoring tool to create the dvd-r.

However, if you have recorded several programmes and used various speed settings the VR_MOVIE.VRO is a real mess and confuses most of the demuxers and editors. I found (through alot of trial and error) that if you read the file into 'Vob Tool' by Dracore, that it identifies the recorder segments correctly. You can then either extract all of the segments, or be selective, but what you get are .vob files for each of the segments. These can then be demuxed normally and mastered normally.

Hope that this helps.