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29th June 2002, 23:12
If I rip regualr SVCD subtitles and not permanently burn them will that keep them good quality? When I burn them into the movie they somtimes become blurry and unreadable due to compression.

30th June 2002, 21:58
Hi lordbelial

In my case svcd sub stays always the same good quality, if svcd sub works for your DVD player I would use it because it's selectable.
Good luck

30th June 2002, 22:37
A short while ago, I was musing about what to do with "alien" subtitles. I decided to do them permanently, because:
a) there are very few
b) they only work that way on a PC
c) friends may have different standalones and don't speak klingon either...:D

I think that different situations will require different decisions. You have to consider more than you've mentioned in your post.

Perhaps helpfull to know is the answer to this:
How do these Subtitles transfer to DVD when the happy day comes?
In case you wonder, I am only sure about the burned in ones...