View Full Version : Can't cut my ogg media file

15th June 2002, 13:01
I have a .ogm file approx 1200MB of wich i want to cut to two files so they fit in 650MB CD-R.
When i load the file up in OggCut and select the cut point and choose save as the OggCut crashes with following errormsg: "The instruction at "0x77e77eed" referenced memory at "0x00020048". The memory could not be "read"
Click on OK to terminate the program"

If i try to mux the DivX 5.02 video stream and Ogg vorbis sound with OggMux and select the split at 650 MB, OggMux produces 4 approx 19MB files and then crashes.
How am i goin to get this file splitted??

15th June 2002, 13:20
Well i now got it splitted with latest OggMux 0.85.

Small wish to Koepi: Could u add a custom split size in any time soon? Im using 99min CD-Rs (870MB or 980 in mode2).

15th June 2002, 20:38
Those "combo edit boxes" cause trouble, that's why i don't want to add that.
But I can add further "split sizes" with the next release.


16th June 2002, 18:10
i know this has been discussed. but would a 2pass splitting method be frame accurate??? maybe one pass to save the position of the next keyframe after x bytes and then if it is possible a new pass where the exyct frame value is used at splitting point.

18th June 2002, 07:50
To make a .ogm frame accurate, i split the video in nandub to half the size and then use vcut.exe from vorbis_tools and cut the ogg(s) in the SAME time that i cut the avi, then use Koepi ogg mux
and the homework is done :)

18th June 2002, 10:46
i know this method... but it is some work...

@Koepi: Is there "NO" possibility to get oggmux frameaccurate? i know that you programmed it that it should use a keyframe but did you try something like a 2pass splitting method maybe then the filter will cut properly....

P.S. i would use oggcut from tobias but i doesn't work for me ( on 3 pcs)