View Full Version : Multiple Angles in Smartripper but not in menu of PowerDVD

Dr. Nick
14th June 2002, 07:28
I am quite puzzled as to which stream I should rip off of this DVD i have here...mabey someone here can help!

Under Title 1, Program Chain 1 I have two different angles:
Angle 1: 1:58:00 -- 5,508,872KB
Angle 2: 1:58:00 -- 5,501,436KB

Now my problem is this, when I go to PowerDVD to see what the difference is between these two angles, it shows that there is only one angle to view...so what is the second angle, it must be something different because of the lower size of the files.

If anyone has encountered this before and can help me out that would be great!

Thanks alot:)

14th June 2002, 10:01
happened to me once.Propably a bug or a bad made dvd perhaps?

14th June 2002, 16:11
Normally, its either the intro or credits in a different language. No big deal.

14th June 2002, 20:07
I got 4 angles of the same length and file size reported for every episode on a DVD of "Roots". I ripped all 4 to see if I could find any difference and found that all were identical. I don't know what caused it, but I'm convinced that the data was the same for each of the "reported" angles.

Dr. Nick
15th June 2002, 00:00
Thanks for all your help