View Full Version : about avisynth ->vdub -> tmpg

13th June 2002, 13:14
this question results from making a beginners foray into svcd. i'm using virtualdub to frameserve a script to tmpg to save on encoding time (image processing seems much faster in avisynth). i'm using tmpg first because it seems easy and although slow it's supposed to generate quality (depending on tweaks, as always).

some questions i think you might be able to answer:

1)can i resize in the script to keep tmpg from using its own resize filter to get any appreciable encode time decrease? what rez would i use for serving to tmpg to get an svcd, 480x480?

2)do i even have to use tmpg or can i do this all with virtualdub?

3)how much of a gain in time/quality will i get by moving to cce?

my first svcd looked pretty crappy because i didn't deinterlace and the quality thingy was set low. by deinterlacing and decimating (making a pseudo progressive film avi out of a broadcast show) and adjusting the quality up i got something quite a bit better, though not quite what i think it can be (lots of squares, some other artifacts).

finally, coming from the avisynth perspective, what other things can i do to increase svcd quality?