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28th February 2002, 04:17
I am using BeSweet with the BeSweet GUI V0.6 beta 15 to convert from AC3 to MP2 for SVCD use. The sound is much better than the audio I was getting using TMPGEnc however, one of the advantages I read about of using BeSweet is that the whole process was floating point. But when I start encoding in BeSweet, in the MSDOS window that opens up, about the 5th line down says "Floating-Point Process: No". Am I doing something wrong? I saw no switch in the BeSweet GUI to turn floating point on or off.
Thanks for any help you can give, Bill

28th February 2002, 04:34
You just overlooked it ;)

Select "Azid 1" button and then tick the "file type" box. Select "32bit WAV". Now you can go back to the BeSweet button and do whatever is needed.

28th February 2002, 12:26
Well, DG hasn't modified mp2enc for floating point usage, but I did, so you'll have better quality with HeadAC3he.

28th February 2002, 17:53
mp2enc' arithmethics is all based on natural math (short).
i wonder if you only changed the interface to floats (meanless), or that you really passed thru all functions and changed the short into float.
let us see the sources, otherwise, you're violating LGPL.

28th February 2002, 18:32
No problem, if you'll up newest SSRC sources. They might be useful if I intend to make NI operations.

Unlike you, I don't violate anything. :p

28th February 2002, 18:42
Sigh..here we go again. Please guys not another thread like the last time:rolleyes:

28th February 2002, 18:54
Originally posted by DarkAvenger
No problem, if you'll up newest SSRC sources. They might be useful if I intend to make NI operations.no new sources. no NI ssrc.

anyway, i don't need your sources. i never needed :D.
just tell the public - did you REALLY modifed the mp2enc.dll to work as floating-point machine ? or you're just deceiving everyone with this pointless new floating-point interface.

28th February 2002, 19:20
Well, Mr. big mouth, as I am not a liar (see I don't call it 2lame, eg. :p) you could ask Alex W. [search at hydrogenaudio] who got the sources. I don't know if I kept the short interface correctly, but otherwise no shorts are used anywhere else in the code and it *does* work with floating points (except for ancillary data, I dunno what it is good for) - too bad that you couldn't get this done, as it wasn't too hard. :D

Don't try to make false accusations while not knowing, darling. I know you are a liar and I have proven, but you cannot, as I am not. :p

no more reactions from my side, after this post

28th February 2002, 19:39
as i said before, i'm not going to look for your sources. i simply asked if you replaced all shorts in the sources into floats. like you said - it isn't too hard :p .

you can keep cursing me as much as you want :). you won't drag me into this. i won't react.

good luck.

28th February 2002, 20:22
Hmm, sorry for posting again, but I did some experiments:

Load HeadAC3he, set to 1p and set global gain to -100. As you should know a 16bit wave will consist of nothing then. So I transcoded to mp2 and to mp3 (using your float interface) both targets with 320kbps CBR. Then I decoded the mp2 and mp3 using winamp with mad plugin to 32bit and diskwriter. The file I opened in cooledit and then applied gain of 100db. Guess what: The mp2 file contained the sound, though not nice and with a feeeeep, but the mp3 contains *nothing* but noise. So what is the conclusion? I did - of course - not lie, but maybe you and the lame 32bit float interface is just fake. Of course sound is not good anymore due to psychoaccousics, but it made me wonder why the mp3 consists of nothing (and yes, HeadAC3he feeds the mp3 encoder correctly...). Of course I dunno how good mad is decoding, but it should do it correctly, as it was designed for it. So once again, I have a proof and you are only "yada yada"... :p

So this time I am done, as everthing needed is said and everybody else can do this experiment.

i simply asked if you replaced all shorts in the sources into floats. like you said - it isn't too hard

Aha, that's why you didn't do it even, hmmm, months of time have passed since you put it in... :p