View Full Version : 4:3 encoding - jerky, shaking pictures

10th June 2002, 19:12
Hi everybody,
this is my first post. Sorry for not knowing all the complicated board rules by heart yet. Hereīs my question:
DVD2SVCD works great for me as long as I convert movies that are at least 16:9 with borders. As soon as I convert a fullscreen 4:3 movie (like Terminator 1 PAL) or a music-DVD (like Stranglers-the Videos or An evening with FOURPLAY) I get strange effects:
The picture sometimes looks like itīs shaking, the shapes of the actors are jerky, all moving objects are completely unsharp etc.
I know that things like that have already been discussed in various threads, for example I read the discussion about bad quality when trying to convert non-professional movies like videos and so on. But
I assume that Terminator 1 has been filmed professionally, so the artefacts and trembling pictures must have a different cause.
Anybody know a workaround ? I donīt think itīs an interlace problem.

10th June 2002, 20:49
@jamessir i dont find that the rules on this forum are complicated if you do maybe you should go re read them again till they sink in.

Also like bach said it could be field order problem, or you need the file could be interlaced and you might need to use a filter 2 which you can do a search on that as well and find your answer.