View Full Version : What is the best way to capture with my Matrox Marvel g200?

9th June 2002, 20:51
I have been captiring in WinXp using this card and MJPEG compression. My aim is to get the vids on to DVD ( i have been encoding the resulating MJPEG AVI with CCE to MPEG2). I've tried HuffYuv etc and my system can't cope with it (I have an Athlon 1200). I got dropped frames all over the place. Is MJPEG the best I could do?

Also, is it possible that TV broadcasts can swop the field order in the middle of programmes? When I watch my captured videos, the frames that are dropped nearly always seem to be at scene changes. Am I imagining it? I have captured with VirtualDub - this inserts dropped frames to jeep the audio and video in snch.