View Full Version : Wrong Subtiltles (possible bug)

9th June 2002, 00:33
I have tried to encode 3 foreign movies to add permanent English subtitles and they all show Spanish. Could you check to see if there is a possible bug, I use the latest version 1.9.0b2.


11th June 2002, 00:15
Hello SuperF,

you know, extracting subtitles is still a little bit tricky but as stated in the "Qick Guide" sticky see this:

When using subtitles there will be a window for the subtitle selection showing up after you have started the conversion with the "Go!" button. Use the "Next" button to skip through the available subtitles until you see a preview of all your selected subtitles - then confirm your selection and the appropriate subtitles will be ripped to your harddisk as single BMP files to be muxed into the MPG file later.

If you will not get any subtitles but you have chosen to have some then perhaps your player does not support it or it supports the other selectable format. Further on it can happen that the extracted subtitle BMP files are all black - this happens if you couldn't see a preview of the selected subtitle during the subtitle verification process.

Perhaps this is your problem so be sure to hit "Next" until you can see the Spanisch subtitles you have selected and then make sure they are correctly selected in the table.

Hope that helps,