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7th June 2002, 17:14
If i in gordian knot select two audio streams ,Can i select in micro DVD the language i choose??

8th June 2002, 09:03
A little bit hard to setup in microDVD player, sorry!

As Locutus didn't know exactly how to make it work, it is necessary to use so called "graphedit" files for playing just one language in microDVD Player.

Just get graphedit, load the movie in this tool, and you will see all filters for playback. Now delete all audiostreams that you don't want to listen and save tthe file.

Now load this file with microDVD player, voila!


p.s. since microDVD player has become commercial and not updated since a long time, I suggest not to use it for new movies (although I have 123 movies on microDVDs:)), stick with OGM, it offers stream switching independent of the player :cool:

22nd June 2002, 12:00
:confused: Try WinDVD4.0, the best video player in the world. You can download it from the Free Download Area of www.jummpa.com