View Full Version : AC3 Quality vs MP3 Quality?

6th June 2002, 19:15
I made a divx file of Fight Club that's about 1.4 gigs. I was wondering if I used MP3 instead of AC3 if it would make a big difference? Would I still get good 6 channel sound with MP3?

I want good looking divx movies with good sound, but I'm just wondering if they're all gonna have to be 1.4 gigs.

6th June 2002, 21:32
I think you should do some reading on this issue. You don't need to make films 1.4 Gb to get good results (on the whole).

Quality is however, always a subjective matter.

If its the full 6 channel sound you want then ac3 is the best way to do this. mp3 does not support 6 channels.

You could also look at AAC or vorbis, but for compatibility and ease of use I would stick to ac3 for 2 CD rips. For 1 CD use 2 channel vorbis or mp3.

6th June 2002, 21:37
No way to compare MP3 with AC3 5.1
If you want real 6 channel sound, you've got to keep the AC3 soundtrack.

MP3 can be Dolby Pro-Logic (fake 4 channel sound) or Dolby Pro-Logic II (fake 5 channel sound), so AC3 5.1 is better

6th June 2002, 21:39
I followed Doom9's guide for Gknot to rip my movie, except I used AC3 instead of VBR-mp3. It'd be nice if I could get it to under a gig, but I'm pretty picky about quality, so I dunno. Any advice would be appreciated.

6th June 2002, 21:46
Its quite hard to get a good 1 CD rip using the ac3 soundtrack as the sound takes up so much space. It could be 300-400 MB of the CD in just the audio. This doesn't leave much space for the video.

You're going to be stuck with 2 CD rips if you want to keep the 5.1 sound and have good video no matter if you use XviD or DivX.