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4th June 2002, 15:16
I just reinstalled the usual bunch of a/v stuff on a new XP install. The software included GKnot, Nimo, and ZPlayer 2.6.

When I play 2.35 aspect ratio video files, I would get them stretched to full screen. The files are 640x272, but then video info in zplayer says 640x480. I poked around a bit and found a video filter I never saw before: Bicubic video resizer. It seems to be ignoring my choice of aspect ratio and inserting its own, and there's no off button. WMP did the same thing.

So is it this filter, and if so, how do I disable it? (and just go with the file's original aspect ratio)

4th June 2002, 18:20
This filter isn't part of Zoom Player.

I did notice that the ddfshow divx/vidx decoder contains a resize function, if you're using it, disable that function.

4th June 2002, 22:04
I don't know where it came from, but I found a bicubic.ax file in my system32 folder. Moving it out solved the problem, and I'm just hoping nothing else needed it. I never had this problem with my other installs. Maybe I checked something different in Nimo this time.

5th June 2002, 07:52
That filter isn't needed for decoding, heck, never even heard of it. The only reason something may need something like that is for resizing an image in a directshow based encoder.

5th June 2002, 14:01
i think this filter comes from powerdivx page ( http://www.powerdivx.com/download/pafiledb.php?PHPSESSID=&action=viewcat&id=3 ), i don't know if blacksun wrote it (bs, did u?), and i never used it. i assume it helps resizing better in applications that don't have good resizing methods (such as wmpx.x).

just me 2 cents.


12th June 2002, 09:27
Nope I didn't wrote it, I was just offering some webspace for the guy