View Full Version : VFAPI Converter won't open dvd2avi file

21st May 2002, 02:08
I converted my vobs to a d2v file then ran the proxyoff.reg in the Virtualdub subdirectory and then ran the vifpset.bat file. When I run VFAPI Converter it gives me an error everytime. It keeps giving me an error with ??????? and the path of my d2v file with some more ??????. I read that the avifile.reg may be needed if it doesn't work. I did that also and keep getting the same error. Any suggestions?

21st May 2002, 16:15
What version of DVD2AVI are you using?. All the versions greater than 1.74 have this problem. The d2v file generated is not compatible with the converter.
For VFAPI usage you need the 1.74 version of DVD2AVI.

21st May 2002, 21:08
I was using version 1.76 and it was working fine when I was at work. when I went home I was using 1.82 and it was driving me nuts. Tonight I will use 1.76 and see if works.