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19th May 2002, 06:57
I've been testing my DV-444 (as well as DV-343) with different SVCD settings.. trying to max the bit rate without going over..

Here's what I found so far, and wanted to know if anyone else noticed this as well..

- The DVD players only support SVCD speed. Anything else gets blocky and doesn't play. The DV-444 gets blocky faster than the DV-343.. For example, the test SVCD that's found everywhere actually fails on the DV-444!

- Both drives don't support subtitles (disable feature and save yourself some CD space!)

- I must do the 48 -> 44.1 conversion! If I don't.. there are a few spots (especially in the beginning of the video) that clicks are heard! They are not there when the audio is converted down.

- The drives crops a few pixels all around the image.. but not to the point where one can notice it. Only noticable if your title screen has text close to the edge.



19th May 2002, 07:44
default DVD2SVCD max bitrate is 2530..I have a pioneer 434 and never had a problem ever with stuttering. Also some friends/family have a 343, 321 and they've never had problems. The more I read about Pioneers hitting bitrate limitations it also seems to point towards the 444. I've never downsampled...you only save 2KB on your CD but I save 10 minutes on an AMD 1700 by skipping it.

19th May 2002, 14:56
Regarding the cropping you observed, this is most likely due to the setup of your TV set ...

20th May 2002, 22:17

I also have a Pio-444 and I made a few tests on my own some month ago.
The Pio-444 has no problems playing svcd as long as you do not go over 2756kbit/s (Audio+Video).
It is not true that u have to downsample to 44,1 khz.
I think the reason for the clicks is a high fluctuation in the bitrate of the video stream.
I also noticed them but only on some svcds during the first 2 or 3 seconds of the movie.
The Player has a problem with high bitrate jumps. When u first have an absolute black picture and the next pictures are very complex u can see some blocks for a second.
But this happens very rarely. I watched a lot of svcds so far and there haven't been much movies where this happens.

Your cropping problem is a little bit strange. But I'm pretty sure that it belongs to your TV or your encoding.