View Full Version : Gainward ti 4600 vivo problems

6th May 2002, 22:57
I recently received my new gainward ti4600 and after getting the card tweaked for 3dmark 2001 I figured I would now try all the cards functions, namely the elusive video in function.
My sys:
AXP 1900+
Win XP
Abit kr7a-133 r
Latest 4in1's
sb live 5.1 value
512 ddr ram
Maxtor d740 40gig
And yes I'm using the black connector

Any way, I tried the suppled whql drivers from gainward and the wdm drivers. No go.
Then I did some research through out the internet I'm learning it could be several things.
So here is a list of everything I have tried:
1: Latest whql drivers from nvidia.
2: Latest wdm drivers (1.11 though device manager shows 1.08)
3: New vivo connector from gainward
Heres a list of things I'm gonna try:
1: Reformat HDD and start from scratch.
2: Dual boot with 98/XP to see if its OS specific.
3: Any thing you might recommend...hehehehe
4: Last resort. The dreaded RMA!!! Please no, I waited enough!!!

I waited 4 days to post here. Naturally searched for those 4 days every board here and I've tried all the suggestions I've found but no solution yet. But I have faith.Hopefully someone here has this V/C with the same problem only he has a fix..hehehehe

7th May 2002, 12:21
Er, what's your problem?

Do you have no picture? Dropped frames? No power?

7th May 2002, 21:48
I get no picture or any capture from wincoder.
There is no error from wincoder.
Just nothing.
Though the diagnostic shows that its there and usable.
Also I tried s-video and composite.
Each time making sure the right type was selected in the setup from
Also tried upgrading to the latest version.

Virtual Dub gives the device already in use error.
Then a series of device could not start, trying all available drivers errors then it gives panic could not find capture device.

Sorry for not sharing this information previously!!!
Cheers and thanx for the reply

9th May 2002, 22:37
Ok I found the fix.
Here it is, for fellow Gainward users.
Download the latest detonators and wdm 1.11 from gainward.
Unzip the detonators and wdm to folders.
Uninstall your detonators and the WDM Drivers.

Xp will find your card and need the .inf file,
point to the detonator folder.

Important!!! REBOOT!!!!

Install the detonators, which forces a REBOOT.
Then install the new wdm, by clicking on the Setup.exe.
I think this forces a reboot but im not sure.
If it doesn't then I recommend a REBOOT.
Xp should then find nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal)
,nVidia WDM A/V Crossbar,nVidia WDM TVTuner,
nVidia WDM TVAudio Crossbar.
If it doesnt Try again till it does recognizes them all.
Then Plug your source in and REBOOT
This Should do it.
When I first installed the card with gainwards supplied drivers
I was not so anal about the reboots in between.
I think this was the problem.
Also if you upgrade the Detonators you must uninstall the WDM drivers after the detonators are installed then reinstall the wdm drivers I think they must be last in the sequence.
My problem was I never uninstalled and reinstalled the WDM driver after trying various detonators.
If this helps one person it was worth the time to type and post this message.
I spent 3 weeks trying to get this to work and was ready to rma it.

BTW I must say the picture quality and the capture quality are excellent. After reading many posts about nvidia capture I thought it would be much worse.