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6th May 2002, 11:36
I suppose this could fit under a number of different forums here. I figured I would as here since I frequent this one more often. I'm looking to deinterlace some video. Now I've read all sorts of great things about the Avisynth plugin "decomb" but I can't seem to get it to work! Actually, I'll be honest, even after spending a ton of time reading tons of posts and the help files that came with the decomb plugin, I STILL don't know how the hell to use it!

Currently, the way I'm doing this is frameserving the VOB file via a DVD2AVI-created .d2v file using an Avisynth script. I open the .avs script file in VirtualDub, select the built-in deinterlace option and then tell it to save as AVI. This is a very time-consuming process and it's only going to end up giving me an AVI file that has to be encoded afterwards. MORE time! Ugh!!

I am trying to figure out if there is a simple and fast way of deinterlacing this video without having to spend all this time saving an AVI file from VirtualDub. I was hoping that I could use the "decomb" plug-in as part of the Avisynth script and then just load the whole script in CCE. Unfortunately, the "decomb" plug-in uses AVISource in the script and I obviously don't have an AVI file yet. Is there a way to stack the "decomb.dll" and "mpeg2dec.dll" into one script that can be loaded into CCE?

I know I've said a lot here but I could really use some help figuring out how to do this. Thanks all!

Milkman Dan
6th May 2002, 11:52
Uh...I just used Decomb and mpeg2source in the same script...


The absolute fastest way to deinterlace is to use


is a script. But you'll lose a ton of detail. You may notice, you may not. It depends on the content.

6th May 2002, 12:03
The guide that came with the decomb filter listed this as a simple deinterlacing script...


In fact, all of their examples listed AVISource and not mpeg2source. When I try to do something like this...


...and load it into CCE, I get the error message "Frame size 924x56 is not supported. Supported frame size is up to 720x576". I don't know where the hell that is coming from.

Milkman Dan
6th May 2002, 12:09
...Is that script you posted for real? Or did you mess up your cut and paste?

Just to be consistent, put all your LoadPlugin statements at the begining, your source statements after that, and your filter statements after that.

I don't know how anal Avisynth is with how the statements are placed, but that just doesn't look good.

6th May 2002, 12:12
No, that isn't a real script. Similar to what I was using though. Anyway, the error was because of an incorrect path. My fault. Not that the problem is any better. When I go to load the AVS file in CCE, it sits there for a bit and then just crashes.

I'm using...


Milkman Dan
6th May 2002, 12:25
That's the exact script?

Then it's crashing 'cause you forgot your ResampleAudio line...[grin]

6th May 2002, 12:29
DOH!! You're exactly right. That was a stupid mistake. Serves me right for staying up all night. Someone should really remind me to go to bed before the sun comes up. hehe ;) Thanks for all your help, Milkman Dan!

Milkman Dan
6th May 2002, 12:31
Heh. You and me both. I have to go lift heavy furniture in a few hours.
Anyway, you are quite welcome.