View Full Version : short clips --> big files ???

5th May 2002, 21:22
I got a bit curious about this. I captured a 7 minutes clip from a camera using huffyuv, encoded it to divx, but it turns into a file around 50 - 60 megs in accaptable quality. Recently i got some southpark clips which are about 20 minutes and around 50 megs in good quality. So i wonderd. I tried to put down the bitrate, but i couldn't go under around 350, all clips ended up around 25 megs. So, can you tell me what to do, to get my 7 minutes clip to around 15 megs in good quality?
greez HiRsch

6th May 2002, 01:00
Did you happen to compress the audio as well? I would compress it to MP3 or the like to get your audio track much smaller.

Just a suggestion.

6th May 2002, 13:53
I did compress the audio to mp3 with 56 kbps