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2nd May 2002, 11:32
Hi all,

I'm having a real hard time with trying to encode >1 film

If I use a common mvinfo & log file, the 2nd film encodes
but when I mux in the audio - sync comes and goes and is
dreadfull in some places.
If I specify seperate logs etc for the second movie, when
virtual dub reaches it it crashes (congratulating me on my
acheivement) :D

I've recently gone from an 800 athlon to an XP 2000 and was
hoping to double my output - does anyone know what may be the
cause ?

Oh, don't know if it's worth mentioning - but sometimes the
resulting .avi will be created on a drive different from the
source DVD vobs. (Never enough space) lol

Details :
OS - win2k
DivX - version 5
VDub - 1.4.7 (build 13130)

I can find no mention of this in Divx5.01 'whats new' lists
I can find no matches for mvinfo AND divx5 in the search
and mv is too few characters. However - I do appologise if this has
been done before.


2nd May 2002, 20:48
Honestly, I've never regarded the a/v sync thing as a big problem. It happens inconsistently for me--sometimes it happens when I do one encoding, sometimes when I'm doing more than one, and it doesn't happen often. I usually just test the end product, and if I need to, I remux the video and audio by doing a direct stream copy (note that I always encode a separate audio file) which takes about 10-12 minutes.

I always use the default log files. I think subsequent jobs will overwrite those files.

As for where the files end up, they get written to whatever drive and directory I specified when I saved the file.

7th May 2002, 11:38
hi again.

Well, first regarding the audio -

I think I know the sync issues you describe and if ever present
at all, they are slight.
However, my problems come and go. The approx 1st 20 mins are fine
then for no reason I start to lose sync upto a whole word or two
dependant on speed. Later on the sync will resume.
I like to try keep the AC3 stream intact and muxing aside, I fail
to see the problem being there.

This problem has only happened to me twice, but both times with
the second film in an overnight que.
(VirtualDub - 2pass - 2 x projects = 4 passes total)
I had wondered whether the log or mv file had maybe been appended
on the second films 1st pass - leading to incorrect settings for
key frames etc and then sync issues.

Tho seeing as I appear to be on my own with this one - I imagine its
my end so I'll just keep tinkering ;)

thanks anyways.

Mac Sidewinder
7th May 2002, 12:36
Well we don't want you to feel alone out there!! I routinely que 2 or 3 movies in virtualdub with no problems. I create seperate directories for each encode. I specify the individual directory for the common mvinfo and log file though. Don't know if that would make any difference. Shouldn't.