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19th April 2002, 00:33
If the dvd can't be ripped to hd I put it under the sink and get it wet then wipe it dry from inner to outter (not in a circular path) with a lint-free cloth and sometimes it'll do the trick. However, when that fails what other cleaning methods would work?

So far on this dvd which stops ripping around 75% complete. I've tried the following cleaning methods but to no avail. Should I try paint thinner?

nice-clean INK Remover towelette
91% Isopropyl Alcohol
Clean Sweep Monitor Cleaner
S-L-K Denatured Alcohol (cleans glass & metal)

19th April 2002, 01:29
I got a copy of Donnie Darko from netflix that had a couple of small smudges on the disc which made the disc unplayable.

As a last resort, I tried nail polish remover, and as soon as it touched the disc it was 10 times worse. Totally smudged the disc. I didn't think it would work, but the disc was already damaged, so I figured what the hell.

19th April 2002, 01:56

19th April 2002, 02:07
toothpaste? Is that a joke...hell I'll even try devil's hand cleaner. Doesn't matter to me.

19th April 2002, 02:42
No joke. Check this out. (

Mac Sidewinder
19th April 2002, 12:20
Hey Manono - I've also used toothpaste before. I had a couple of discs that I couldn't read and had heard about using toothpaste. Worked like a champ. Its a very minor abrasive and will take the scratches out.


20th April 2002, 00:42
sweet gonna go buy me some plain white toothpaste

also on that link it mentioned isopropyl acohol which I did try. Guess that dvd was beyond hope.

"To clean your DVDs, use a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe in a straight line from the hub to the rim (never rub in a circular direction). For stubborn dirt or gummy adhesive, use mild soap and water or isopropyl alcohol."

Master Ki Adi Mundi
20th April 2002, 04:46
I've had a couple of dvds and ps1 cdroms that are nice and clean, but they still have problems. The dvds just read/seek after being inserted and this just continues unitl windows eventually gives up. The playstation cd's have choppy fmv clips.
I fixed both by putting them in the freezer overnight. No joke. :sly: they both work fine now. I have no idea how or what happened to them but it worked. :D

Any theories ?

21st April 2002, 05:52
I justed wanted to chime in to say don't forget cleaning the drive. A clean drive can do wonders for reading discs that are marginal.

21st April 2002, 07:18

Alcohol? I would think that would cloud the plastic layer and make things lot worse.....

Toothpaste works because it fills in tiny scratchs and errors...


21st April 2002, 13:43
There is a certain cleaning prioduct called "mr sheen" in australia that can be used to fix scratched cds with a fair amount of success. my method is put down some newspaper and spray this stuff all over - like until they are drowning in the stuff. leave for a coupla hours and then carefully clean the cd. so i guess this would work for dvd's also ... . sposedly mr sheen contains silicon which fills in gaps in the CD surface.