View Full Version : Need Help for Menus in Scenarist

Deepa DvD
18th April 2002, 02:00
Hello everyone!
Can anyone please help me how to create menus in Scenarist with/without motion. I drop a menu into scenarist and it asks me.I click still menu.I go to track editor And try to add motion movie & buttons but it doesen't get the movie or the buttons.Once I was messin around the button went but I couldn't move it and the colors on the button changed too.Also what other programs do I need to use to create Pro Menus(I currently have Photoshop). Can anyone help please!:( I have ScenaristNT-Pro (Daiken version)
Thanks In advance!:)

Sherlock Holmes
18th April 2002, 12:50
u can't import motion movie , when u r creating a still menu.

18th April 2002, 17:35
For motion menu you import a movie, usually 30-sec looped, and then you import a subpicture for the menu, which is a 4 color bitmap. You select the colors in the Project Wizard when you first start Scenarist. Look around the threads and there is a good guide in The Guides area. That is how I learned.

Deepa DvD
20th April 2002, 00:15
Thanks for respomding guys!:)
I have read the Guides but I still don't get how to create the Motion Menus & the linking and stuff.:(