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17th April 2002, 09:44
Hi folks,

for all of you interested in importing ChapterXtractor's Chapterlist into Maestro precise.
I would like to share with you a small MS Excel table (no macros) which converts the ChapterXtractor format %hh:%mm:%ss:%cc in to Maestro compliant HH:MM:SS:FF. Add'l feature, add an offset (in Maestro format HH:MM:SS:FF). This will give 100% exact chapterpoints like the original.

ChapterXtractor extracts in format %hh:%mm:%ss:%cc (Micro DVD Player), where %cc are 100's of milliseconds while Maestro expects FF frames. The frames are depending on the TV standard 0-24 for PAL 25fps and 0-29 for NTSC 29.97fps.
Foresure you can just ignore the small misalignment BUT I found from time to time with hard cutted movie you notice a short flicker while switching chapters. This is because you basically jumped a few frames before the hardcut and not to the exact point.
In movies where the video asset has an offset you manually need to add the offset timecode to all chapterpoints to have Maestro import them correct. This is done by the table as well. Remember you need to put the offset in Maestro format. You can get the offset by right clicking on the video asset an choose Properties.

Manual: NO manual!
- insert your offset in upper green field or delete it completely (no 0 !)
- use ChapterXtractor on the VTS_xx.ifo
- format MicroDVD Player, select the ouput with the mouse, CTRL-C (copy)
- switch to the Excel table and paste / overide starting with TC 00:00:00:00 in the black column
- select the RED cells to right accordingly, CTRL-C (copy), including the $Spruce_IFrame_List cell !
- do a new text file, paste your Excel cells
- save the text file with extension *.chp
- import the chapter file into Maestro, do a right click in the chapter area and choose Import ChapterList


Have phun, mike

Right-Click / Save As: http://mpegencoderfreak.tripod.com/files/TCMaestro.xls

17th April 2002, 12:21
Seems that the last version (0.96) of chapterXtractor adds the option of exporting directly to the DVDMaestro format. The program can be found in


Best regards


17th April 2002, 15:40
Well, thx. this makes it easier.

regards, mike