View Full Version : Advantage of mp4 vs divx?

15th April 2002, 05:43

I noticed today in the News that now there is a creditable method for making mp4 streams using divx Pro.

Is this worth it at this time? Doom9 says that doing these will create content that can be played back later on standalone dvd players.

Does this mean that the divx 5.01 Pro encodes I'm doing now won't play on the DivXNetworks standalone that will be coming? If you are at all interested in playing divx on your tv, should you be using the mp4 feature?

Anyone have more info on this?


15th April 2002, 08:38
At the time noone's rip of anything is compatible with ISO MPEG4 streams including divx3, 4, 5, 5.1 and xvid blah blah blah.
However the good news is you will be able to convert your previous rips with some tools which are already usable.
The bad news is though the sound part of your movies, I think it will give everyone a little bit trouble with their mp3, ac3, ogg muxed avi streams because I haven't heard of a converter that directly encodes those to AAC. Load into Nandub, set to direct stream copy, save wav output etc. etc..
BTW, why AAC and only AAC? I hate that.:angry: