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12th April 2002, 20:50
First of all good Day!!

First I'll say this. I wasn't a big fan of the 3 day wait period before you can post rule. But looking back now on it I believe it's really a good rule. It forced me to read the many post that are here and try to experiment to a degree that I know I would have not done. That being said, I just need some clarification about resizing svcd's.

I'm on the road alot(air also). I watch most of the movies I encode on a portable player (awia), which is fullscreen(16:9). In fact I always encode both aspects 16:9 & 4:3 of the same movie. I've always used VFAPI to frameserve to CCE, but I've been lured into the pure speed of frameserving with avisynth.

Here's my problem. I believe that I have the right script(correct me if I'm wrong) for 4:3(480*480) aspect. Here's one of my scripts:

LoadPlugin("G:\program Files\SimpleResize\SimpleResize.dll")
LoadPlugin("G:\program files\mpeg2dec\mpeg2dec.dll")
mpeg2source("H:\Life as a house\a house.d2v")

But what is the correct resize command if you want to keep the the 16:9 aspect but resize it to 480*480?

Thanks In advance

DJ Bobo
12th April 2002, 21:21

15th April 2002, 19:07
to resize it, just use

for NTSC:


for PAL:


because your keeping the original aspect ratio, you don't need to add Borders to the video (so it displays correctly @ 4:3)

just make sure you select "DAR 16:9" aspect ratio in CCE (under the video tab)