View Full Version : MovieLink expected to use MPEG-4

9th April 2002, 17:20
What do you guys think about this:

http://news.com.com/2100-1023-878552.html (http://)

My question is how long will the service lasts when all the movies will become available on Morpheus/Kazaa and other P2P programs??

9th April 2002, 18:05
This sort of service can't be hacked in quite the same way as DVDs. It's an online service, so if it gets hacked, they just invent better encryption/protection, make new client software (for multiple platforms) and deliver it when the users come back for their next movie. The hacker then has to start again with a new problem. Will keep the hackers working overtime (and programmers too - someone has to port each new version of encryption to every platform that could be a MovieLink client... also someone has to retask every piece of content in the hacked format).

OTOH, the DVD hack can't be fixed without making millions of consumer players unuseable. And did DVD as a format die because it was hacked?

9th April 2002, 20:44
So you are suggesting that the company will operate by allowing you to download an encrypted file. Upon completion of the download you will let them send you a code to open and view the file only once...

I can see this getting really ugly in such that the encrypted file will delete itself after one day, and will not allow you to copy or move it...etc.