View Full Version : Can VCDEasy burn "THE MUMMY" to 2 disc in SVCD Format??

25th March 2002, 08:56
Hello all,

I've determined that I'm computer illiterate and losing my mind. This is probably a stupid question but please no flaming:}.. I'm tring to Copy "THE MUMMY" as my first SVCD from DvD. I tried SVCD2DVD but CCE kept locking up. I have now used Smartstripper and have a
" vts_02 "MPEG file of the mummy that is a tad over 2 hours long. I've got it loaded into VCDEasy and ready to go. BUT before I burn it and find out the hard way I want to know how to divide the movie to fit on 2 700mb disc. I know at what time on the time scale to make it fit ( 34:45:45) but where do I put this number??? Please Help ASAP before my wife makes me get off the net
Still tring to learn hpd58:confused: