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21st March 2002, 21:10
I am trying to burn Derrow Test files to see if my DVD will play in my set top box. I have a Panasonic LF-D311 which came with my Gateway 700XL. My DVD player is a Sony DVP-NS 700 which is DVD-R compatible.
I have looked at Derrow's tutorial and the one on the highvid.com website and still am not sure of certain things.
Which Disc type should I choose (after burning the disc to my HD with Smart Ripper or DVD Decypter : 1) Data disc or 2)UDF Video DVD or 3)UDF Video DVD Image or 4) Data disc (UDF)?

Also under "Select type & size of disc" the only options that come up are "DVD-RAM" or "DVD". I presume I should use "DVD". The program recognizes my burner and the media. Should I check the box below labeled "Use type and size of an inserted disc" instead?

On the volume properties do we need to check the "All files * folders on the disc will have the same date" This is not checked in Derrow's tutorial but is checked in the Highvid tutorial. Should I then write the disc or just "close the wizard" and Right click the project as shown in the Highvid tutorial? When I try this I do not get all of the properties tabs that appear in theor tutorial i.e., filesystems, boot disc, dates, volume info- only the extended menu. They have another step which tells you to select ISO 9660, UDF 1.02 and same date in the filesytems tab. I do not get this with my media and/or program?

Please help.

21st March 2002, 21:33
Use option #2, the UDF DVD Video under Instant Write, choose the dvd recorder and uncheck the Joilet option and make sure you use 1.02 UDF. Click write add your files, AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS to the project and after about 60 minutes, you will have a perfect DVD ready to play in your stand alone player.

21st March 2002, 23:43
Is that under InstantWrite or under InstantDisc?

22nd March 2002, 01:56
InstantDisc! Make sure you have the latest version of the software and choose UDF DVD Video.