View Full Version : "illegal floating decimal point" error when frameserving

20th March 2002, 10:13
I am frame serving from Xmpeg using the Premiere Video Server and Avisynth. My scripts is as following:


I open the .avs file in TMPGEnc and it shows the first frame in the preview window - so I know that it's reading the AVS script properly. I am trying to encode to VCD format, using a slightly customized version of the VCD-NTSC-Film template. However, when I start encoding, I get this error message immediately:

"Illegal floating decimal point calculation order."

What could be causing this?

25th March 2002, 08:32
What, nobody else ever got this error???

25th March 2002, 19:02
Try ConvertToRGB instead of ConvertToRGB24.

If this doesn't help, add ConvertToYUY2 after IPcSource. This has sometimes helped me.

19th April 2002, 05:46
Actually I was having exactly the same problems with you. (Seeing the first frame,etc.)I'm a newbie here, but i realised that ONLY as video source can i frame server work. Which means that I had to clear the audio source line in TMPGEnc, becuase i was adding server.vdr as video and automatically TMPG was adding as audio source the frameserver... I cleared it and it was ok...

20th April 2002, 20:06
tmpg likes that error, i get it on certain quicktimes, savign as avi form within tmpgenc

if i frameserve with vfapi it wotn give em the error encodign in vdub but ti pasues and drops LOTS of frames, soi need ot make an intermediate mpg or a divx avi out fo tmpg and thats when i get that errer.