View Full Version : please help i need it

17th March 2002, 21:47
i have now tried for 3 days to make planet of the apes but it freezes when i shall choose subtitle
i have used ifoedit to find menu and it is in vob 2_0 1 and 11 thats goes ok but when i get to the movie witch also is vob 2 1 and 2
it overwrite wob 2_0 with wob 2_1 and it freezes :devil:
i really need some help i must be dooing something wrong but i cant find it
have used guide for idiots and all the guides from doom 9 that i thought was right
what about the Ilvu / angle pointers there are in this movie

18th March 2002, 17:02
Why do you overwrite the menu-vob file with the title set vob file?

I guess you should do some study on DVD characteristics/specifications first.

I'll try to collect some good links.