View Full Version : CCE problem or DIVx problem?

15th March 2002, 23:02
Hoy Guys,

Does anyone knows what I could have done wrong?

When I play the SVCD movie that I encoded with CCE through DVDx and cinemacraft the audio starts running from the beginning but the video shows only one frame (the last one) of the movie.

I checked and rechecked all the settings with the guide here on the Doom site but I can't find anything wrong.

During the frameserving I can see all the frames passing through DIVx and not a single error message pops up neither during the CCE encoding nor during the final muxing.

I ran the mp2 in Powerdvd and in Radlight 3.03R5 and both players give the same result,.... one frame and normal audio.

Mod. please forgive me posting it here too but I havent got an answer for quiet some time in the newbe forum.
I am getting a bit despered :(

Thanks in advance....Mahi

16th March 2002, 12:18
I get the same thing when I use 3 pass or more VBR. Sometimes it happens,sometimes it doesn't. This is not a DivX problem because I'm not using DivX at all. Try using 2 pass VBR or don't use multipass at all.

16th March 2002, 18:14
Hoy Milctoast,

Thnx for the reply.
Well, I must say that I allways did 4 pass encoding, that was the reason why I used CCE in the first place.
I'm going to try the two pass this evening.
I'll keep you informed


17th March 2002, 11:07

No luck with the VBR two pass either :( still the same problem.
One pass VBR works but the quality is not better than it was with DVDx's own encoder (motion artefacts).
It is a lot faster though (CCE-YUY2 encoding gives me 16.5 fps with an Athlon 1200).

So, I'm still looking for someone who can give me an explanation for, or a means how to fix, my problem.

17th March 2002, 14:24
I found it !!! :D

When setting the bitrates in CCE.... DONT FORGET TO PLACE THE DOT

Dont just type 2370 but type 2.370 instead.

Please DOOM add this to the guide it will avoid a lot of headaches among new CCE users :)

Kind Regards, Mahi