View Full Version : TemporalSmoother yes or no?

14th March 2002, 14:56
I was just wondering what TemporalSmoother is all about and why I should use it? Im not sure if the encodings look better but it sure takes longer to encode with it on.

14th March 2002, 16:41
The encode will take longer with TS ..

TS is a type of noise reduction and is more effective for slower motion rather than fast moving action scenes ..

TS is usefull for improving the quality of lower bitrate or 1 pass VBR encodes .. IMHO if you use enough bitrate you don't need or shouldn't use it .. I tried it once but did not like the results of the encode. I think you are always better off to use a higher bit rate - Bite the bullet and and use more bit rate and use an extra CD if necessary ..


14th March 2002, 18:28
Have a read of this thread. I have done extensive testing with and without TS. At first it was just what looked better at very high bitrates, but I was asked to test at more normal levels so I did.

Now if you are using much lower bitrates then all bets are off. Most likely TS will prodeuce better results at lower levels.

Like stated above it is slow. It will drop encoding speeds around 40%.

Also the condition of the original video must be taken into account. Most DVD's are pretty good.


15th March 2002, 02:50
Here's an interesting idea I tried....

To see what Temporal Smoothing actually DOES, try this: rip a single chapter (http://rilanparty.com/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5686, Q46), then load the ifo/vob and check Temporal Smoothing, but make the strength 7 or so, and make the radius 5 (to save time, just do a single-pass CCE render with no .vaf creation). I tried this just for experimental purposes... the result was quite cool to look at (although you'd never use a setting like this, but it SHOULD visually explain to you what TS's function is)