View Full Version : Converting VHS videos to svcd with edited sound track

14th March 2002, 06:34
I have a VHS tape of my children that I would like to convert to SVCD.

I have a MSI GEForce3 64M DDR VIVO card coming, and I would like to:

1. Capture the VHS tape to digital video full screen with sound.

2. Edit the sound track in places to add music snippets (I have Cool Edit, would that help in any way?)

3. Put the new sound track and video back together (if necessary), and convert the entire thing to SVCD.

I have successfully converted a DVD to SVCD (Phantom Menace, 3 SVCD discs) with surprising (to me) results (it plays very nicely on my set top DVD player). Did it just for kicks... So how much more difficult will this new project be?