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13th March 2002, 23:40
hi people
this is my fist post in here so i haope you guys can help i can encode from dvd to avi great BUT the sound is very low and when the music in the movie is on its very loud but when people are talkin its very low .....so 1 can i solve this ??? 2 can you piont me to any tutorials??? 3 also can i increase the hole volume thoughout the film ........i have used VirtualDub to increase the volume befor after the final movie is finished encoding but doing it increases the file size 3 fold and it needs to stay under 700 meg..hope you can help thanks

14th March 2002, 00:12
Numerous threads on this very subject exist. Just browse a little and read the FAQ's.

Check out using DRC and DeDyanmic. If your using BeSweet and/or HeadAC3he, I think they both have boost functions.

14th March 2002, 09:51
loook im a bit new at all this sound editing lark so i guess i have to
1 ripp the dvd
2 find the audio stream from the vob file and encode it to ac3
3 then use a booster you sort out the sound
4 then what ???? i use vodomi to encode my movies so what format does the finish sound file need to be???? and by using these boosters does it increase the file size

16th March 2002, 21:49
Once you have the AC3 and transcode it to MP3 or Vorbis with either HeadAC3He or BeSweet, set a 'light' or 'normal' DRC in Azid.

For playback use PowerDivX Player with DeDynamic audio filter support to compress dynamics on playback as much as you want .... www.powerdivx.com or from Doom9 download section.