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11th March 2002, 02:23
hi, im mato, i need help, pleeeeease.
i have an -Apex AD-500W DVD Player-. after searching for info about subtitles here anf in www.vcdhelp.com , found out that it supports CVD subtitles. so ripped final fantasy dvd in 2 cds with cvd subtitles (default config), but nothing happened, they just didnt appear on the tv.
so, i went again..., to www.vcdhelp.com and downloaded this:

-SVCD NTSC Sample with CVD selectable subtitles, 1 audio track, menus, chapters (BIN/CUE image)-

i burned it to a cd, and the subtitles appeared... on the very bottom on the screen, i could only see the top of the first line of the subtitles...

so, what is happening here??? how did the author of that file configured the subtitles???, how do ---I--- configure them in DVD2SVCD???

the facts: VCD subtitles worked, but not right.

please, help! :(
thanx :D

11th March 2002, 15:27
If seems that the margins are wrong. You'll have to re-author your subtitles with tools like SubRip(OCR)-->MaestroSBT.


13th March 2002, 05:52
err... mato is using DVD2SVCD with default settings, so... there is nothing wrong with subtitles position, marge or whatever.

@ mato

It seems that for some users those CVD subtitles muxed with submux are not working, and it seems that this is your problem too. That sample in vcdhelp was done with another tool, called Iauthor, the official creator of CVD subtitles, which you can find somewere in the web. Install it and use it at "cd image" tab of dvd2svcd, instead of vcdxbuild.

13th March 2002, 14:35
Mmmm... it might not be the case. Subtitles I created with I-Author and submux show perfectly in my TV, provided I set the correct margins. Remember that there's something called "safe area" just because no two TV sets have the same picture framing. What looks right in your TV might look out of the screen in another.


13th March 2002, 14:48
@ guille

just one key word: "for some users";) This is not an assumption. This is based on reports from DVD2SVCD users posted at DVD2SVCD forum.

About the position: when a DVD2SVCD user uses the default setting, the position of the SVCD subtitle in the screen is exactly the same of the original subtitle in the DVD. Thus, if he can see the DVD subtitle, he can see the SVCD subtitle also. If you cannot believe me, you can do a small test to verify it:rolleyes:

btw: I do know this overscan issue...

13th March 2002, 14:55
Yeah, I got your point, but since I downloaded the MPEG samples from the vcdhelp site too and had the same problem as him, I think that still can be a flaw in the original authoring (i.e., bad margins). In short:

1) With I-Author & submux, authored by me, no problems.

2) SVCD samples from vcdhelp site: subtitles were so low on the screen I only could read some of those that were two lines high.

I would like to have the sub stream ripped to my PC to check the margins, but I don't know of any program to demux the subtitles. :(


13th March 2002, 15:01
sorry guille, I was editing my post when you replied. I know the tool which can be used to demux those SVCD subtitles. It is called vob2sub.exe. It is a really nice tool. It comes packed with submux.exe, in the file submux.zip, which you can find at DVD2SVCD homepage.

13th March 2002, 15:03
Thx, I'll take a look at them, then. :)

13th March 2002, 15:09
As I said before, it comes into the pack submux.zip, which you can find at DVD2SVCD homepage. To use it, you will need to put the avseq01.mpg, vob2sub.exe and cygwin1.dll into the same folder. cygwin1.dll can be found into the vcdimage package.

14th March 2002, 18:23
so dudes, this is confusing...
what do I have to do? download what, use what???

14th March 2002, 18:41
IMHO, this is still valid, but i might be wrong:

Originally posted by guillep2k
If seems that the margins are wrong. You'll have to re-author your subtitles with tools like SubRip(OCR)-->MaestroSBT.


14th March 2002, 19:08

14th March 2002, 20:15
Thank you Mozart. You've made my life easier & complete...
Just joking...
But really, thanx, I (don't ask me how) downloaded I-Author tested it.
Now the CVD Subtitles work PERFECT, 3 Subtitles WOW!!!
Now, the questions are:
*why using vcdxbuild CVD subtitles don't work????
*why the file I tested shows the subtitles wrong???
*why using I-Author CVD subtitles JUST WORKS FINE without configuring ANYTHING???????

Well, bye...:cool:

15th March 2002, 13:14
1 and 3) the structure of a SVCD made with vcdxbuild is much more complex (and specification acurate) than that one made with Iauthor. Thus, your problem is, much likely, a firmware issue.

2) It seems that guille is right. The position of those subtitles are weird. Have a look at what vob2sub reports:

C:\Meus documentos\svcdtest>vob2sub -o ing -v 2 -C avseq01.mpg
file: avseq01.mpg
id: 0x0 0x535 13 tid: 877999
found 1319 bytes of data
packetsize: 1315 datasize: 1247
found sub at: 9.76 x0: 242 y0: 452 xd: 240 yd:50 sd: 1.80
id: 0x0 0x511 13 tid: 1043599
found 1283 bytes of data
packetsize: 1279 datasize: 1211
found sub at: 11.60 x0: 256 y0: 452 xd: 216 yd:50 sd: 1.43
id: 0x0 0x767 13 tid: 1174999
found 1881 bytes of data
packetsize: 1877 datasize: 1809
found sub at: 13.06 x0: 191 y0: 452 xd: 344 yd:50 sd: 1.77
id: 0x0 0x74c 13 tid: 1337900
found 1854 bytes of data
packetsize: 1850 datasize: 1782
found sub at: 14.87 x0: 187 y0: 452 xd: 352 yd:50 sd: 1.19
id: 0x0 0x6ba 13 tid: 1448599
found 1708 bytes of data
packetsize: 1704 datasize: 1636
found sub at: 16.10 x0: 218 y0: 452 xd: 288 yd:50 sd: 1.83
id: 0x0 0x215 13 tid: 1616900
found 519 bytes of data
packetsize: 515 datasize: 447
found sub at: 17.97 x0: 322 y0: 452 xd: 88 yd:50 sd: 1.80
id: 0x0 0x65a 13 tid: 1781600
found 1612 bytes of data
packetsize: 1608 datasize: 1540
found sub at: 19.80 x0: 232 y0: 452 xd: 264 yd:50 sd: 1.16
id: 0x0 0x81e 13 tid: 1890499
found 2064 bytes of data
packetsize: 2060 datasize: 1992
found sub at: 21.01 x0: 179 y0: 452 xd: 368 yd:50 sd: 2.23
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 2093899
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x2d5 13 tid: 2093899
found 711 bytes of data
packetsize: 2997 datasize: 2929
found sub at: 23.27 x0: 210 y0: 452 xd: 304 yd:62 sd: 2.13
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 2289199
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x426 13 tid: 2289199
found 1048 bytes of data
packetsize: 3334 datasize: 3266
found sub at: 25.44 x0: 199 y0: 452 xd: 328 yd:62 sd: 3.44
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 3124400
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x3e2 13 tid: 3124400
found 980 bytes of data
packetsize: 3266 datasize: 3198
found sub at: 34.72 x0: 182 y0: 452 xd: 360 yd:62 sd: 2.63
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 3364699
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x13e 13 tid: 3364699
found 304 bytes of data
packetsize: 2590 datasize: 2522
found sub at: 37.39 x0: 230 y0: 452 xd: 264 yd:62 sd: 1.97
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 3544699
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x3e1 13 tid: 3544699
found 979 bytes of data
packetsize: 3265 datasize: 3197
found sub at: 39.39 x0: 167 y0: 452 xd: 392 yd:56 sd: 3.96
id: 0x0 0x74c 13 tid: 3904699
found 1854 bytes of data
packetsize: 1850 datasize: 1782
found sub at: 43.39 x0: 187 y0: 452 xd: 352 yd:50 sd: 1.47
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 4040600
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x451 13 tid: 4040600
found 1091 bytes of data
packetsize: 3377 datasize: 3309
found sub at: 44.90 x0: 171 y0: 452 xd: 384 yd:62 sd: 2.93
id: 0x0 0x900 13 tid: 4307899
found 2290 bytes of data
id: 0x0 0x3f4 13 tid: 4307899
found 998 bytes of data
packetsize: 3284 datasize: 3216
found sub at: 47.87 x0: 200 y0: 452 xd: 328 yd:62 sd: 1.99
id: 0x0 0x415 13 tid: 4490600
found 1031 bytes of data
packetsize: 1027 datasize: 959
found sub at: 49.90 x0: 280 y0: 452 xd: 168 yd:50 sd: 0.99
unknown header 444ba01
skipped 2320 bytes of garbage
id: 0x0 0x67d 13 tid: 5250199
found 1647 bytes of data
packetsize: 1643 datasize: 1575
found sub at: 58.34 x0: 211 y0: 452 xd: 304 yd:50 sd: 1.47
unknown header 544ba01
skipped 2320 bytes of garbage
id: 0x0 0x211 13 tid: 5385199
found 515 bytes of data
unknown header 544ba01
skipped 2320 bytes of garbage

15th March 2002, 13:21

16th March 2002, 02:05
thanx a lot guys!!!
keep in touch;)

5th July 2002, 19:13
mato have Apex 500 and finally got it work for subtitle. I have been trying to get my Apex 703 to work for a long time. Here is my experience and problem, maybe someone can share some info:

My system:
pentium 4 1.5 Mhz, 512 mb memory.
Use DVD2SVCD 1.0.9 build 3 default setting for most part.

1. NTSC + SVCD subtitles + PBC Use Selections(under CD image) + vcdxbuild = subtitle does not work.

2. NTSC + SVCD subtitles + No PBC(under CD image) + vcdxbuild = subtitle works but DVD chapters does not work since "NO PBC" is selected.

So if I use #2 method then I get subtitle but Chapters does not work. If I can get both work, it will solve my problem. I wonder if someone can answer following question for me?

1. Can someone tell me how to solve this problem with vcdxbuild?

2. If can't resolve question #1, does i-author handle both subtitle and chapter for Apex machine?

3. If question #3 works, can anybody tell me what OS does it run? Someone suggest to replace CBNDLL.DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory
with the one provided. I search through window 2000 professional and could not find CBNDLL.DLL.

4. Does i-author run under window 2000 professional without patching CBNDLL.DLL? The setup.pdf file that came with the program is corrupted and I can't read it. What OS do you use? Maybe someone can show me how to set up i-author or send me a copy of pdf file or manuals through email.

Many thanks....