View Full Version : re: not sure if this is a subtitle

10th March 2002, 18:46
I have a movie that has some text that runs across the bottom every 10 minutes or so....if you don't know what I am talking about, i'll be blunt....it says property of yada yada....if you have rented or sold this movie, call yada yada. Is this a subtitle? I'm not sure what else to call it. If so, can it be removed? Should I cut out a frame with virtual dub and post it so that you can get better idea of what I am talking about?

10th March 2002, 23:25
What you could do is wait for the real DVD to come out and buy it :)

10th March 2002, 23:30
Yes, that's exactly the reason why New Line Cinema has put this line in TLOTR:FOTR DVDs, that it can NOT be removed :)