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10th March 2002, 15:27

Is there a way to Convert SSA Scripts to the SRT Format, it would be great for all the Subbing Groups out there, bc with the new OGM Format we could mux Converted SSA's into the OGM and would have great Sub Quality :) I hope there is a way to do that.

:( Sorry for my Bad English :)

10th March 2002, 16:11
Why would you want to do it? SSA is THE format subtitle-quality wise, so if you approach this problem from quality viewpoint, there's no need to convert it to SRT.

Otherwhise, you can use grep for the easier ones, or MaestroSBT if you want to retain a bit of formating (haven't tried myselves, but it can export to text formats...), hovewer the quality will NEVER be on the par with pure SSA by DirectVobSub/VirtualDub's subtitler.

Speaking of subtitles - anyone knows how were newest fansubs of LoveHina made? It looks like SSA, but some (few, but there ARE some) subs are rotated. Made in premiere? But it looks SO MUCH like SSA...

10th March 2002, 21:05
Hi Yusaku,

Thx for your Answer.

I know that SSA is the Best ever what i meant was if u added Subs through a Plugin and Encode it in DivX4 or DivX5 the subs look like Jpg Compressions they only way how to do Subs look great is to compress it with DivX3.11 but with the new OGM Format we can added Sub Stream In without to encode the subs with the Main Video.

Thats what i meant with Sub Quality. :)

To Answer your Question about the new Love Hina's (Love Hina Agian) yeah all the subs r made with SSA the way how it works is the guyz who r doing the Typeset etc. know good tricks to look it great ;)

Sorry for Bad English =)

10th March 2002, 23:11
but you don't have to render SSA on the video.... (I hate burn-in subs... even in DivX3.11, because it makes any translations impossible)

All you have to do is install DVobSub and put SSA file in the same directory.
Classical naming convention applies:

You can then select subtitles on the fly.

The only problem is, that the subs are in NO way protected - e.g. you cannot hide the ugliness of your SSA script :-).

Also, on slower computers (slower than ~3GHz ^_^), make sure you check "prebuffer pictures" in DVobSub, otherwhise subtitle rendering will kill the processor.

And about LHA: no, I am sure that you can NOT make rotated subs in SSA. It might be a bit modified version of subtitler.vdf (rasterizer.cpp is amazing piece of code ^_^), but you cannot do this in pure SSA.

Anyway, even if someone knew, I doubt anyone would tell me, not to mention share modified subtitler :(

10th March 2002, 23:16
Is a-f releasing "love hina again"?

10th March 2002, 23:17
Sorry, forgot to mention:

OGG subtitler is evil directshow application, so if you want to try DVobSub, you'll have to uninstall OGGs version (just subtitler filter, not whole OGG) first. DVobSub is better anyways :)

The other issue is, that DVobSub is at the time being incompatible with seeking in OGM files - let's hope OGM DShow filter will mature quickly ^_^.

Anyways, my personal recommendation: if you don't mind having more than one file for one video, stick with AVI files and DVobSub. AVIs can have more than one audio, subtitles are done in DVobSub, ...
OGM looks great, but let's leave it some time to mature.

10th March 2002, 23:20
Dunno - maybe it is, too. The release I was talking about is from AnimeINC though.

But looking at the suspicious parts closely in VDub, I think it is indeed Premiere's (or other editor, don't catch me on this ^_^) work. Damn, they must've spent a LOT of time on this release.

11th March 2002, 15:25
The only problem is, that the subs are in NO way protected

Yeah thats the problem. I guess no Fansubbing Group will release a Anime w/o to render the subs in the Video. ;) bc SSA's Scripts r holy Files for the Subbing Groups. :)

I will do some Tests with MeastroSBT, but what is "grep" cant find this Tool; is it a tool :confused:

thx :)

11th March 2002, 15:29
Anyway, MaestroSBT has SSA to SRT conversion again. It's in the Tools menu.


11th March 2002, 22:53
Originally posted by AllTimeSToneD

Yeah thats the problem. I guess no Fansubbing Group will release a Anime w/o to render the subs in the Video. ;) bc SSA's Scripts r holy Files for the Subbing Groups. :)

Yeah, everyone is always saying how fansubbers do the subs only to serve the public... but when asked for actual subs to make translation to another language... they're quiet (thanks to everyone making an exception from this rule ^_^).

Anyway, that's a bit off-topic here.

Also, speaking of SSA releasing... Another problem is, that when you convert SSA to SRT, you can still reconstruct original script quite easily... You will just miss names, which is not SO big deal. Even if the pictures would be rendered, you can use semi-OCR approach to get the text back...

For this reason (combined with fansub group greedness), I don't thing we will see any selectable subtitles in fansubs ever :(

BTW: All the fansubs I had made (ok, just two...) are external SSAs for use with DVobSub - I don't honestly see any reason why not to release them...
Originally posted by AllTimeSToneD

I will do some Tests with MeastroSBT, but what is "grep" cant find this Tool; is it a tool :confused:

LOL. Ok, if you don't know, don't even look. It is a command-line regular-expression evaluator from unices.

14th March 2002, 21:31
The Reason is rather simple, theft. There are other groups out there (not all) who like to steal subs from another group. A lot of time goes into making these scripts, so we want them protected and stored away , so people can't claim that they did it :P. But yea, I belong to a group, until there some way to add the subs, and have them protected , we wont see it. Allthough I've been experimenting with ogm lately, I like it, soon as the filter matures a bit, you might be seeing some ogm fansubs ;p

15th March 2002, 01:50
Yes, I guess that in big anime communities (and english-speaking community certainly is huge), this poses a big problem. You will still find any subs I will make (even one english one now...) on the net though - yes, I am that dumb :) (or rather, I guess I don't care too much).

Anyway - even if there would be a possibility to render subs to some bitmap format and mux them in video externally, would you use it? It is still way easier to get - at least timing - from external subs, no matter how well protected.

To be honest, I don't think even rendering subs to video is protecting them too much... Give me VirtualDub and SSA, and I'll reconstruct you a timed script of one episode (25mins) in 1-1.5 hours. Without formatting (another + ~0.5h), but nice and usable SSA script, that took WAAAAY less time to make, than original ~50+ manhours per fansubbing a single episode.

I know that friend had to resort to this method when he was doing a czech fansub of Eatman, and he himselves was shocked how fast it went (otherwhise fansubbing tends to take way more time than you intended originally, but I guess you know that ^_^). So that much about protection.

BTW: You know that DVDs were released with unbeatable ciphering system to prevent any copying to the computer, don't you? :)
People will always find a way around... :|