View Full Version : cnvrt my DivX files with *.sub to SVCD .. some dir pls

9th March 2002, 07:08

I've got a few DivX files that I wanted to try and convert to MPEG2 format eventually putting it onto a SVCD.

My standalone dvd player (Pioneer 344) does not like the SVCD subtitles that I created using the default options in DVD2SVCD. So I'd actually like to make permenant subs on the movie.

I'm going to convert the AVI using TMPGENC, but I'm not sure how I would load the my *.idx, *.ifo & *.sub files so it is part of the input video.


11th March 2002, 09:16
All I can tell you is to convert your subtitiles to .ssa and then use Subtitler filter from VirtualDub. And I think you already know how to use it ;)


12th March 2002, 11:30
But I really wanted to use TMPGENC to convert the DivX file into a MPG file (including the subs). I was asking because I thought something can be done with the directfilter as the media player will pickup the subs.

hmm should I pop my head into the avisynth forum? ;)

13th March 2002, 00:47
aleksander is right, use virtual-dub to load your AVI and your ssa-subs, then frameserve to TMPGEnc and choose your output template.
Then use a britate-calculator to end up wiht the number of CDīs you want.
The guide to do it is right here on Doom9.

About DVD2SVCD, try permanent subs instead of svcdsubs.

Hope itīll work.

13th March 2002, 11:43
Ok, thanks guys. I don't quite understand frameserv stuff but I understand what you mean now. I'll go and look into it, I should be able to fix that.

Hmm... now where did they move my other message to? (the one I posted in the avisynth forum)