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8th March 2002, 21:38
Doom9 just revised it. Excellent! If it wasn't for this guide I would've never been able to get started using DVD2SVCD.

In this guide he mentions using Bitrateview to check
"Field topfirst is No so you'd have to uncheck Upper field first."

My last 20 or so dvds I've ripped I've had UpperField unchecked and have noticed no problems. Can someone please find one INSTANCE where UpperField is required? If it is checked it will create jerkiness for your mini-dv, concert, or music dvds. Reason I ask is perhaps in most cases it should be unchecked? If that's true then perhaps the default should be unchecked rather than checked.

about this part
"Add ResampleAudio must be used if you use CCE 2.50 on an Athlon."
I haven't had it checked on two Althon XP 1600 the past 10 or so DVDs ripped. So perhaps it should be like:

Add ResampleAudio should be used if you use CCE 2.50 on an Athlon and you experience CCE crashes.

8th March 2002, 23:20
I don't use d2s very often and the discs I checked on my parents standalone used topfield even though I didn't check with BV... but since I got into this whole DVD authoring and encoding thing I learned about the importance of the field oder. Maybe topfield is just the default on most discs.. but setting the wrong fieldorder can create very nasty effects.. this can best be seen if you follow the "set the field order" part of the tmpg guide so it should have an effect and after all.. better safe than sorry, right?

interesting that it worked for you w/o resampleaudio. I never tried w/o on an athlon xp but on my athlons it definitely always crashed. Has anyone noted a speed decrease when using this command? If not what harm can it do using it?

9th March 2002, 02:13
well DVD2SVCD (programmer) had ResampleAudio(44100) always included in the .avs back in sep/oct and then mysteriously took it out and then I think with 1.0.3 put it back in. I'll go ahead an test if it has a speed affect one way or the other but I'm 99.9% sure it won't. I guess the best question to ask is why is it even an option to begin with? Shouldn't it just be always in the .avs file?

The only reason to clarify the statement is so people realize the point of it's existence which is it's only purpose to to prevent CCE from crashing on Althon CPUs.

btw if you happen to read this ..update the links in the forum rules and consolidate it to the new combined thread entitled
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9th March 2002, 15:53
There is a misunderstanding on the resample audio. It will ALWAYS be used when D2S loads the avs into CCE the first time in order to create and save the ECL. Some of the old timers will remember that once the ECL is created, it no longer matters except on a few of the older Athlons and is not needed in the script. By not having it in the actual encoding script a small increase in speed can be realized. Only if CCE crashes on vaf creation is it needed for older Athlons. When this happens you should check the "add resample audio". If you do not have any problems then leave it unchecked for a very small speed advantage.

Hell, I think I have this right, but my memory is saturated by the last year and all the changes.

D9, I'll jog your memory:
Remember when, before this simple trick was discovered, we used to have to use vfapi to allow the loading and creation of an ecl. Then we would go into the ecl and hand edit the vfapi out and replace with the AVS. We never had ReSampleAudio in those avs scripts.

9th March 2002, 17:04
I never used that trick.. when I started using avisynth I always put the resampleaudio line in

9th March 2002, 19:40
I'm new to SVCD creation although I've ripped many dvds to DivX. I'm using the new DVD2SVCD guide, but I can't seem to find the bitrateviewer program that is mentioned. Is it in one of the downloads on doom9?


9th March 2002, 20:01
try this link to download the bitrate viewer:

its a demo version,but has the most functions that we need