View Full Version : SUB in Fr0do's "SUBTITLES SYNCHRONE " guide?

7th March 2002, 18:31

I'm reading Fr0do's guide to synchronize subtitles, where he writes that one can use his own SubAdjuster (v1.41) or SubAdjust (v1.55) by Psyche. I can't find SubAdjuster, so I try with SubAdjust.

The problem comes when Fr0do writes this:

"Now you got everything to give the command:
SUB <sourcefile> <newfile> -1F1025 -2F171740 -1T120.5 -2T5500 -R25 -SYNCH
The parameters are:
-1F the frame of the first subtitles in the file (here 1025)
-2F the frame of the last subtitles in the file (here 171740)
-1T the time in seconds when the first subtitles should appear in the movie (here 120.5)
-2T the time in seconds when the last subtitles should appear (here 5500)
-R the exact framerate of the AVI-movie (here 25)
This will produce subtitles which should now be synchronized to your movie."

I suppose SUB is a batch file or program that comes with his own SubAdjuster, but I can't find a way to do the same in SubAdjust. Any help?


7th March 2002, 22:24
I managed to download Fr0do's program, so I will continue with the guide...

7th March 2002, 23:22
The program complains about "The file temp$.sub doesn't exist!" (which it does, it just created it...). However, it looks like it contains the end result and it just tried to rename it to cd1_synched.txt (my out-parameter) and couldn't. Am I right?

16th May 2002, 23:00
I'm trying to use that program again - but now it doesn't work at all for me. It just complains about not being able to find the input file (input.sub). Any help? I have version 1.41 of SubAdjuster. :confused:

9th June 2002, 19:02
Where the heck can I find SubAdjuster 1.4 ? THERE IS NOWHERE ON THE WEB! Can somebody please e-mail it to me...? snollygoster@romantic-company.com

24th October 2002, 07:18
I'm also in an urgent need of that fabulous Subadjuster by Fr0do.
Could anyone please publish a D/L address?
Or maybe there's another tool that's able to perform synching a subtitle file (not only adding an offset, but "stretching" the timecodes somehow)?

Any help greatly appreciated!